Len Costantini from our resort marketing team visited Fraser Island on a one-day trip from Noosa, courtesy of the Discovery Group. 

“A dingo can’t bark, it can only howl, as it especially likes to do during a full-moon,” explained our German tour guide Henning, as he lavished us with non-stop information regarding the uniqueness of World-Heritage listed Fraser Island.

“The Fraser Island dingoes are not dogs, they are wolves – Canus Lupis Dingo to be exact.” says Henning.

“They are purest remaining dingo in Australia, as their island isolation has stopped them from inter-breeding with wild dogs, unlike their mainland cousins.”

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A good guide really can make or break a tour experience. Between complimentary pick-up and drop-off at the resort, Henning was a powerhouse of information on everything from ecology and wildlife, politics and history, regional landmarks and dreamtime stories, to important conservation priorities and messages.

The tour kicked off at the resort at around 6am and we took the scenic hinterland route around the Great Sandy National Park, to Rainbow Beach and Inskip Point, where the barge leaves for the island.

For guests, Monica and James, the packaged tour was an ideal opportunity to introduce their children James, 4 and Willa, 2, to a wilderness adventure.

“Small things, like taking the time to stop on the way to look at a family group of kangaroos, complete with a Joey in its mother’s pouch, is a wonder for kids from the city,” says Monica.

“Things like catching a barge and swimming in a lake will be family memories. The convenience of having everything provided is ideal, and allows us to sit back and enjoy the experience,” says Monica.

The island is internationally renowned for its World Heritage status awarded by the United Nations UNESCO in 1992 in recognition of its outstanding natural universal values. Stretching over 123km in length and 22km wide, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world.

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Heading inland at Eurong we turned towards Lake McKenzie. The photos on the websites show Lake McKenzie so impossibly blue I had assumed they were photo-shopped.

But a visit to the lake proved me wrong. The clear rainwater over white sand mirrors the colours of the sky. The water is known for its purity and its alkalising and rejuvenating qualities.

After a swim in the lake we enjoyed a BBQ lunch before heading off to a rainforest walk at Central Station, the site of an old logging settlement.

A short walk along a well-established rainforest boardwalk allows us to contemplate the wonder and diversity of Fraser Island’s ecology. How can towering rainforest plants, some 80 metres high, live in nothing but pure sand?

Following our bushwalk at Central Station, it was time to head back to the coast. As the tide was now out, it was freeway style cruising down the beach back to the barge to the mainland. An afternoon tea stop at the Coloured sands at Rainbow Beach topped off a magical day.

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To experience Fraser Island from Noosa is a big day out and almost twelve hours is needed for the one-day experience. But it is worth it to see why the indigenous inhabitants, the Butchulla people called it K’gari – meaning paradise.

What a great opportunity it is to be able to experience a snapshot of fabulous World Heritage Fraser Island, right from the doorstep of your accommodation.

Fraser Island Discovery tours cost $175 for adults and $120 for children. 

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