We value integrity above dirty real-estate tactics

The real estate industry around Sunshine Beach and Noosa has reached new levels of low with some agents providing owners with ridiculously over-inflated appraisals just to get their business.

Unfortunately, we are having first hand experiences that owners are falling for these cheap tricks. We have examples of homes that have been appraised by other agents at as much as 100% above a reasonable rate based on what the market is currently paying.

The issue of course, is that, once they sign owners up, there’s no way they will be able to get the tariffs they have initially proposed. They then knock rates down and hope that owners don’t move their business on.

It’s a disgusting tactic and represents everything negative about the real estate industry.

Aspire Property Management is different. We absolutely refuse to lie to owners and we only provide honest appraisals based on our expert market evaluations. We believe it is more important to maintain our integrity and will just not participate in these dishonest practices.

As a result, we have lost the opportunity to manage some new properties we have provided appraisals for, that have gone to other agents. While this is disappointing, we believe that in the long run it is more important to maintain the integrity of our brand and to provide honest appraisals for our clients and prospective clients.

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