Don’t compromise quality for value – travel savvy

Travelling off-peak allows you to get the best price for quality accommodation that is highly sought after during peak holiday times such as our luxury properties.

By moving their holiday times just a few weeks you can get much better value and you don’t have to compromise on quality or location.

For Noosa Luxury Holiday properties, the low seasons are typically from 1 March-3 April, 22 April-27 June and 14 July-31 August.

In addition, booking at least 7 nights as opposed to 5 or 6 nights can also save you a further $20-55 per night depending on which property you’re looking at booking.

For the best value – without compromising for luxury, and quality – book your stay during off-peak seasons for 7+ nights and put your mind and body at ease!

Prices are all on the lowest tariffs at these times, not to mention, there are less tourists in the area – which means you can take advantage of more that Noosa has to offer.

The added benefits of travelling these times are: Noosa’s beaches are less crowded, the weather is still superb, restaurants are easier to get into, and you have better chances on booking in other popular activities in the area.

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